We carry the appropriate licenses and insurances for our Orlando dumpster rental services.  We are also proud of our safety record and have never had any liability claims.  It is important to hire a fully insured service to protect yourself from nuisance lawsuits.

We accept credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

You select your Orlando dumpster delivery date and pickup date, and we ensure that we have the dumpster available on those desired dates and confirm them with you after you contact us.

  1. We cannot take away hazardous waste like unknown chemicals, Asbestos, Gas, Oil, pressurized containers, large amounts of paint or solvents.
  2. We can take away small amounts of household hazmat materials which are disposed separately.
  3. We can assist and advise you on how to properly dispose of these items yourself.

15 Cubic Yard only $250
12 Cubic Yard only $225

  1. Nearly half of what we haul away is recycled in some way! If it qualifies, we donate usable items to various charities.
  2. Some items are recycled through scrapyards like exercise equipment, shelving or anything metal.
  3. Electronics, televisions and other technology related item are taken to recyclers where they are broken down and repurposed.
  4. All items taken are disposed of properly according to ever more complicated EPA standards.
  1. We provide Orlando dumpster delivery and pickup services.