Prepping for Your Dumpster Delivery

When you decide to take on a large project that you know will create lots of junk that needs disposing of, the best thing you can do is rent a dumpster. Orlando dumpster rentals make the process of discarding your own junk convenient and easy. That’s why it’s vital that anyone planning on renting a dumpster is well prepared for everything they need leading up to and during the project. Although dumpsters can be rented close to the day you start your project, it’s better to schedule your dumpster delivery sooner in case you need to adjust the timeframe for how long you’ll need the dumpster.


  • Information: The more information you gather about the project you’re about to work on, the better you can plan on knowing how long you should rent the dumpster. If you’re clearing out large items, find out how many are being removed and figure out ahead of time how you’ll be getting them out. This will make the process more efficient and save you the hassle of figuring it out during your rental time. If the dumpster is needed for construction waste, do your best to plan out how much you’ll be tearing down and removing. Also, assume you’ll need to have the dumpster emptied at some point and brought back if you’re working on a big project.
  • Dumpster Availability: Some Orlando dumpster rental companies have a limited time you can rent one of their dumpsters. Find out how long they allow their rentals to be out and take that into account. Some companies will even extend the rental period if you ask them ahead of time. If there are other parts of your project that can wait until after all junk is removed, then wait to take them on and focus on your removal process first.
  • Bin Size: There are several different dumpster sizes available to customers and you don’t want to order a bin that’s either too small or large for your needs. Too small means you’ll need multiple pickups and too large means you’re paying for space you aren’t using. If you let the rental company know what you’re using it for, they’ll do their best to help you pick the right size.


Prepping ahead for your dumpster delivery is important for keeping your project on track. Getting as much information prepared as possible for yourself and the Orlando dumpster rental company allows you to work with them and figure out any pickups that may be needed, the duration you’ll need the dumpster, and other aspects of the rental process. Once you’ve committed to your dumpster rental decision, contact Junk Angel at 407-476-0208, Orlando’s experts on dumpster rentals.