What Exactly Can You NOT Put in Your Dumpster?

When homeowners finally get around to tossing their old junk, they typically run into the dilemma of what should and shouldn’t be thrown away in the dumpster. Although using an Orlando dumpster rental provides homeowners with plenty of space, it doesn’t mean everything can go in there. With nearly everything else in the world, dumpsters have restrictions. For the most part, there are several things that can be tossed right in the trash, like old furniture and plain household garbage. But it’s important to take note and be aware of what items certainly shouldn’t be mixed in with regular trash.

  • Paints, Car Oils, and Other Chemicals: There’s no telling where your trash will end up, and throwing away old paint or unrecognizable chemicals with standard trash have the potential to reach water sources and, subsequently, contaminate them. You may think what you’re planning on throwing out is just a small amount but that increases for every person who also thinks that way. So, resist the temptation and dispose of it properly.
  • Insect-Killing Agents: Using this around your home and on your grass isn’t hazardous, but when they group together into one large concentrated amount, it can cause problems. The amount of pesticides used around our homes aren’t going to be enough to cause irreparable damage to the lawn, but if every homeowner throws it into standard trash, it will most definitely affect the environment.
  • Electronics: There are so many hazardous chemicals within our electronics today that it’s nearly impossible to find any without them. Mobile devices and TVs can contain dangerous materials and shouldn’t be tossed into your Orlando dumpster rental. Don’t put yourself into a situation where you could be fined, and find the proper way to dispose of your old electronics.
  • Batteries: Not all batteries have mercury in them anymore, but some still do. Again, just like with old chemicals, the more batteries thrown away and gathered together can amount to higher portions of mercury in landfills. Stay on the safe side and keep all kinds of batteries out of your dumpster rental.

Aside from these things, everything else is fair game. If you aren’t sure about throwing something away, do your best to research before going through with disposing it. Junk Angel provides the best in Orlando dumpster rentals and can have out to you in no time. For any of your dumpster rental needs, call us at 407-476-0208.